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How One Teenage Entrepreneur Built Successful Online Empire From His Bedroom

In the last two years, 19-year-old Jeet Banerjee has managed to sell a company, launch 3 successful startups, multiple mobile applications, 2 eBooks, and create his own digital consulting firm all while attending college. The most amazing part of all is that he’s been able to do all this working from his bedroom. 

“I got a job when I was 15 working like a ‘robot’ answering phone calls and managing projects and I simply hated it,” says Banerjee, the entrepreneur behind this empire from La Mirada, CA. “I wanted to create my own job that would allow me to do what I enjoy while allowing me to make a comfortable living.”

That’s exactly what Jeet went on to do. Around February of this year, Jeet was able to sell his first business ‘JB Media Force’ where he oversaw 15 employees, which he had created at the age of 17. Since then his empire has grown diversely featuring a broad range of products that include: StatFuse, Vintelli, Got It On Lock, PowerDunk, Virtual Hairstyles, and many more.

Along with this myriad of products, he wrote and published his first eBook teaching others about the importance of SEO at the age of 17. Today, his second eBook “The Pursuit of Passion”, which teaches others how to turn hobbies into successful businesses is days away from hitting stores.


If this wasn’t enough work for 5 people, 19 year old Jeet Banerjee also speaks at conferences around the nation and offers digital consulting to many others in need of his services. It’s pretty remarkable that this young college student has been able to accomplish so much in his young life all from his bedroom. When asked about how he manages all this, Jeet replied by saying, “I do what I’m best at and I find others who can do the things I don’t like or am not so good at.”

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Jeet Banerjee began his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 17 and has never looked back. He created his first startup company JB Media Force and sold it earlier this year. Along with that, he has launched StatFuse and Vintelli through the course of this year. His iPhone application ‘Got It On Lock’ can be found in iPhone stores while Virtual Hairstyles awaits Apple’s approval. More information can be found about him at his website, www.JeetBanerjee.com